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Wooden Frame Houses

Everybody, living in an individual house or bungalow can say in regards to the points of interest and hindrances of living there and in a level. In all probability that the most pluses will be not in a level side. Living here usual us to uproarious neighbors, filthy staircases, restricted rebuilding openings, cramped auto parkings and different joys of “normal” life. Most likely no one begins to invalidate, that probability to buy your own home is the likelihood to give for yourself and your family more agreeable and more advantageous living conditions. One of the best approach to accomplish it is a wooden edge house.

Innovation of pre-assembled outline houses made in Canada for some individuals are still an oddity. There are a comparative climatic conditions in some of Europe nations as in Canada and timber outline houses possesses a large portion of the load of homes. Developments of wooden edge house are an ideal decision for different atmosphere zones and land conditions: they could assemble where is hot atmosphere and in the Northern territories as well. Timber outline cadaver can be mounted in low temperature terms.

Global practice shows that the most economical, the best quality and most rational building technology of living house is timber frame homes. Wooden home wall’s heat insulation properties matches to 2,5 thickness brick house. In Canadian data this kind of building can serve about 150 years. Their stability is compatible with some kind of elasticity so they are resistant to earthquakes and are long lasting. The researches which were made in Russia showed that heating costs were 9 times lower than in older building multi-storey houses.

A traditional brick, wood or stone wall building has to match few functions at the same time – supporting, heat and sound keeping and other functions, so this determines some building conditions: to ensure a natural building’s drying and sinking, the weight of the wall have to be big enough, solid foundation, long building time. Technology of wooden frame homes lets us to separate keeping, enclosing, and insulating functions. Every element has its own task and confirming properties: one material provides minimal thickness construction fortitude, the author effectively holds the heat, the third reliably insulating from moisture, fourth protects from noise from the outside and alike. The thin walls with its many-layers and functionality usually lets to achieve fast building results and high level of ergonomics.

Wooden frame homes with their features outperforming brick buildings:

  • Frame houses are 5-6 times lighter than built from bricks
  • Airtightness
  • Stability short building therms
  • Possibility to build in cold season
  • Energy efficient, ecology
  • Easily accessible materials
  • Architectural expression possibility
  • Big building machines are not needed

The most responsible and the most demanding part of frame house is a foundation. They can be both monolite and pole. Because of its light weight there is not need to make a heavy foundation, so this makes building therms shorter and reduces the price. Usually one or two stores timber homes are built.

House basis is a wooden frame. It is collected in comb principle. It is very stiff and strong construction. House walls have a layered structure. Firstly carcass made of edged board is built. Exterior frame forges together with wood chips plate or or water-proof plywood. Lately, outside is approved by steam insulation film, which protects construction of wind, moisture and humidity and in the same time lets the humidity steam inside in that way making wood and insulation material more dry and get dry in exploitation time. Wood does not need to be additionally processed because of rot protection. Lately house exterior is plastered with decorative plaster, tiles or other modern decor materials. From the inter side insulation material is put into the frame. It is hermetically covered with steam insulation film (when the weather warms up steams of moisture penetrates into the lower temperature areas through the walls, insulation material is damp and in this way decrease heat protection, molds appear, and wood starts rotting). The second stage is dry plaster sheets fastening. All the communications are installed inside of the house.

Through the latest 10 years more building materials were created which let to increase construction quality, longevity, energy saving rate, reduce the content of needed materials. By the way, prepared air heating system which gives all possibilities to regulate inter microclimate characteristics. In winter you can quickly increase temperature till needed quantity and in the summer conditioner completing this system cool the air in all rooms. Damper ensures needed air humidity, electronic cleaning system removes dust, displeasing smells and disease-causing microbes from the air. The recuperative ventilation unit additionally refreshes air in sanitary nodes and reduces heat losses in the kitchen in winter time.

Other advantages of wooden frame house:

  • All water supply, sewerage, heating system is hidden inside the walls
  • Technology makes all the conditions to create an ideal straight floors, walls and cell surfaces, so it is easier to make a quality interior decoration
  • Flexible technologies satisfies various wishes for home architectural form and internal layout
  • Timber frame home is easy to modernize, because of this it is not getting older morally
  • Well ratio of price and quality

Surely everyone who things about his and his family health will interest about frame house building material’s ecology. Seeing that about 80 percent Canadian and American people are living in a frame, panel and wooden houses you can decide that all the material’s features used for constructions are well-researched. Frame home technology in ecologic view is flawless: for decorating all the ecologic clean materials are used which are made of natural thermocouple processed wood and for heating materials – mineral wool. All these materials are neutral and harmless for people. There is no humidity excess inside the house, well sound insulation so it creates healthy and enjoyable climae in frame home. Construction technology lets to reduce not processed building garbages so it is easier to keep neatness in construction site and do not make any damage to nature.